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Dark Narnia

Dirty Minds of Narnia

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All Members , Moderated
Dark Narnia is for thoughts, pics, or fics that you just can't tell your friends about.

Sex, torture, rape, abuse, angst, and various other dark things are more than welcome here.

Remember, the characters are children so label fics and pics appropriately and do not use pointless incest or abuse. Go for the worst with Peter since I think we can declare that he's 18 by now. ;-)

Slash is preferred, but I'm certainly not going to tell you that you can't have het. Do what you want and have fun with it.

Please don't advertise your community or RPG's here or I'll delete it. Put something on my regular journal at vengeanceangel and we can affilliate or something and then I'll have no problems with you putting one post up.

I'd like to have a nice network of Narnia communities to work with and not deal with the stupid competition that some communities decide to have. Unlike Highlander, there can be more than one.

Also, be sure to use disclaimers and lj cuts when you have a particularly long post.

Look, just enjoy yourselves. I'm not going to be a mod nazi or anything. Feel free to introduce yourselves when you join. I'd love to know what you want to share and I'm sure other people would like to as well. I hate impersonal communities and this will not be one.

Author Notes are fine with me as well. If you write a story because it's something you want to do for a personal reason then go for it. I personally think it's good to know the reasons behind stories. It makes them more interesting.