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Midnight Visitor

Title : Midnight Visitor
Author : raelinschaos
Pairings / Characters : Edmund/?
Rating : NC-17
Category : Slash
Word Count : 482
Spoilers : Newest Movie (Prince Caspian)
Notes / Warnings : Non-Con
Disclaimer : The characters of Narnia belong to C.S. Lewis.
A/N : This was written for hot_jupiters as she inspired this.

Summary : Edmund watched him and waited for him to take what he needed.

Unbet'ed so all mistakes are mine. Comments are most welcome.

Edmund watched him closely waiting for the moment when he would sneak into his room and take from him what ever he wanted, what he needed to make everything right.

Edmund saw the hunger in his eyes something he had grown used to back home where frustration and anger were taken out on his ass and body. Sometimes it was quick and hard the biting pain as he forced his way inside his poor abused body. Other times it was slow, a drawn out torture of smacks and bites before he was forcefully taken again and again before being left battered and bruised, used for his own gain.

Edmund watch him prowl around the thin excuse for a hall, spitting out orders like he was born for it, giving the people hope and all the while watching him slowly circling him like a predator about to pounce.

Edmund heard the slight scuff of his feet on the bare stone floor just outside his bedroom, the slight creek of the door as it was opened and the small shaft of light from the torches throwing his shadow across the floor.

“Edmund” came the slight whisper from his midnight visitor, he pretended to be asleep; knowing it wouldn’t make a difference to him.

Edmund felt the bed dip beside him, a solid weight of the predator and the brush of fingertips along his back, a slight shift of his visitor and he was upon him fingers digging into the skin of his shoulders, his waist a perpetual movement of hard touches. Then he was being moved, his clothes being removed harshly the cloth scraping against his skin.

Edmund felt the hot breath against his neck before the sharp teeth bit down the pain sharp, he almost cried out but remembered where they were how he would be punished if he screamed.

Edmund felt the pressure of his cock against his own entrance felt the thrusting of his hips and knew this would be hard and fast a quick fix something to take the pain away.

Edmund felt the head of his cock breach his entrance a burning pain taking over his whole body. He tried to stay still knowing it would be over soon if he just shut up and let this happen him he would get his fix and leave until the next thing broke him, until the frustration and pressure got to much and him and he turned to him again.

It was over quickly, quicker than normal the pain radiating through his body and the bites would bruise a reminder that he had once again been used for his own end.

Edmund felt him get off the bed ready to return to their own worlds, he heard him turn at the door “night Edmund” the whisper came once again the only acknowledgement he ever got in these midnight meetings “Goodnight Peter” he whispered to the dark.

The End

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